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Coaching, Journey

I took some time to think about how I want to approach my next triathlon season. So far I have been self coached with support from local coaches from my triathlon club and swim squads in Perth. With success, they all helped me to achieve my goals last season. At this point I have a solid foundation, a bit of experience and I am now in a good position to take the next steps forward.

The following things are important to me when it comes to coaching and training:

  • Have a training program that is tailored to my needs, allows flexibility and fits into my life rather than sit on top of it
  • Have a pool of coaches around me that I can ask for advice
  • Education: I want to learn and gain more knowledge in the field of endurance sports
  • A social network: I’d like to be able to train with other people, join squad sessions and exchange ideas with fellow athletes

I decided to join the PurplePatch coaching program which is run by Matt Dixon and his team in. I am very excited about that! I first learned about Matt Dixon’s training methods after reading his book The well build triathleteI have already adapted some of his methods in my training which have worked out well and which make absolutely sense to me. Apart from the personalized coaching and customized training program I receive, I get access to the purplepatch athlete community, training materials, weekly chats and an education program.

Matt’s training philosophy is a little bit different which I really like. The focus here is on Endurance, Strength, Nutrition and Recovery and he puts a lot of emphasis on education as well. He wants his athletes to learn more about the science behind his methods and to gain more knowledge in the sport. That resonates a lot with my philosophy, so I am looking forward to take on the journey with Matt and his team.

Another important aspect for me is to stay connected with my local coaches and squads and to integrate some of their sessions into my training program. I think it’s great to have a team around you but at the same time have your own training program that is tailored to your needs. I am pleased to be part of the Stadium Triathlon Club here in Perth. They offer a great training environment and quality coached sessions, as well as a strong social network that helps to connect with fellow triathletes. It’s a great place to meet people and make friends while training.

Swimming has always been a limiter for me but after I have started to train with former Olympian Gold Medalist Neil Brooks and his squad at Team Brooks this year, I have not only improved my swimming but also gained more confidence in the water. This has also improved my cycling and running at the same time. Being part of a strong swim squad with the right coach is very important if you want to improve your swimming. Also, it’s way more fun to get through a tough swim session with your mates rather than battling through the pool lane on your own!

Another new addition to support my training, in particular my running, are the guys from the Front Runners team lead by Rafael Baugh. These guys are the experts when it comes to running and it’s nice to train with the best runners in town. They are specialized in coaching, education, movement analysis and rehabilitation of runners. They are also physiotherapists, biomechanics experts and sports scientists. So I will be in good hands when it comes to my running.

For me triathlon goes beyond swim-bike-run and a good emphasis is put on strength conditioning training, increasing my flexibility, movement patterns and training the mind. Hence I am glad I’ve found an awesome Yoga teacher in David Laidlaw (the Phoenix) who helps me to control my body and mind. Yoga has become an integral part in my every day life.

I am confident in my coaching network and looking forward to take on my next season, with the big goal of racing my first Ironman next year in June!

Stay tuned, I will keep posting updates as I progress through my season.


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