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I will post more regular updates on how my training is going in preparation for the IRONMAN race in June. This is part of my fundraising challenge as well, so I want to keep everyone who is interested in my journey up to date on how everything is going.

I am now 13 weeks into my new coaching program and last week was the end of the 1st training block (post season).
I am now transitioning into the next block of training which will last for another 3 months (pre season).


I follow a periodization training approach which I explain in more detail in one of my previous posts, Periodization – How to plan your training seasonSo far I have to say I am making good progress and my body is adapting to the new style of training. It took me a few weeks to get used to it but I can see already some benefits and improvements. It’s a gradual progress and the goal is to prepare your body to adapt to the training load, volume and intensity to get you in race shape. I really enjoy what’s been throwing at me so far haha. Also the education that I receive as part of the coaching is such a big value! And it’s fun overall as well!

The training so far has been fairly “light” and not too challenging. The main challenge was to get used to the new training methods. Especially with swimming where I have started to use a lot of tools to help me working on my body position and to become more streamlined and efficient with my strokes.

On the bike the focus has been on neuromuscular recruitment, making the connection between my brain talking to my body, by doing high and low cadence work, with most of the work in the lower end of the training zones (Z1 and Z2).

The running has been similar to the bike – neuromuscular recruitment, building up those muscle fibres to get used to more running. I have found that it’s frequency and quality over distance and volume. My longest run so far, was a 2hr trail run. Looking at the training ahead I don’t think I will be doing too many long runs. That’s an interesting approach and I am keen to see how my body will adapt to this to get me ready to run a full marathon.

I can see some good improvements in my swimming and cycling already. Very happy with that. Overall I feel very good, I am not too fatigue, recover quickly and haven’t had any injuries.

In the next months it’s all about getting really FIT!!! It’s going to get more challenging, more workouts, more sessions, more intensity and also a ramp up in the volume. The focus is definitely on swimming and functional strength work over the next weeks and months. There will be some very challenging sessions for me in the pool. For the running part I will start adding more strength and speed work and I will see more HIIT workouts for both the bike and run.

For anyone who is interested here are a few statistics from my post season training block

Post season stats



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