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Natural Power Bread


This home made bread is an advanced version of my originial bread. It’s made with sprouted grains, nuts and seeds and is very rich in Omega 3. It’s easy to make too and tastes delicious. This could be a great addition to your breakfast. Have it with some sliced avocados or some nut butter. For athletes, it’s also a perfect fuelling snack before your morning workout. Easy to digest, high power output!


  • 100g sprouted flax seeds

  • 30g soaked chiaseeds

  • 100g sprouted hemp seeds

  • 100g soaked walnuts nuts (

  • 50g sprouted quinoa 

  • 300g sprouted Keimster oats (buckwheat, rye, barley)

  • 30g apple cider vinegar

  • 1 tbsp raw honey (or argave syrup)

  • 3/4 tbsp sea salt

  • 300g of filtered water


  1. Mix all the nuts and seeds in the blender

  2. Add all the incredients to a big bowl and mix it with your wet hands until it becomes a solid dough

  3. Use a rectangular form where you can put in the dough

  4. Let it rest in the form for about 2-3 hours

  5. Bake the dough on 190 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes

  6. Remove the bread from the form and bake it for another 25 minutes on 150 degrees

  7. Let the bread cool down afterwards

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Andy Gesellmann

aspiring endurance athlete with an holistic approach to fitness, health and nutrition