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Nutrition, Post Workout

Train hard, recover smart! This little post workout snack hits the nail on the head. Packed with a lot of antioxidants to support with cell regeneration after a hard training day. Recommendation: To add extra nutritional value and better digestion, use sprouted ingredients for your seeds and make sure your nuts and dates are soaked. Preparation:

  1. Mix the nuts and seeds in a blender (except the buckwheat)
  2. Add the dates and mix again
  3. Throw all the mixed incredients into a bowl and add the other incredients (use your hands to mix in the blueberries and buckwheat)
  4. Use a spoonful of the mixture to form the balls (you should get about 12 balls out of it)
  5. Store in the fridge for a few days. If you want you can also freeze them for later consumption

I was inspired by the book “The Thrive diet” from Brendan Brazier for this recipe.


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