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Andy Gesellmann [endurance athlete / fitness, health and nutrition coach]

Andy G is a driven individual with a great passion for fitness, health and nutrition. His holistic approach allows him to leverage his potential while keeping a healthy balance between his fitness aspirations and his overall well-being.

Andy is a very ambitious and high performance amateur triathlete, ranking in the top 1% world wide in his age group. He is also very passionate about travelling and to take on challenges in every aspect of life. Originally from Austria, he spent over 6 years in Australia where he soon discovered his great passion for triathlons and a healthy lifestyle. Beside his job as a Freelance Software Engineer, Andy is a Master Trainer and Fitness, Health and Nutrition coach. 

In his early years of his endurance career, he has discovered a strong compassion for developing a healthy and fit body and mind. high_quality_pngHe believes that the right balance is a key element for great endurance, performance and health in the sport of triathlon. Andy is currently coached by purplepatch fitness

His big vision is to help and inspire other people on their own journey to a healthier, fitter and better lifestyle, so they can become their best authentic self with a great purpose for life!

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