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Training Update #2

I am now well and truly in the middle of my Pre-Season training phase and training has started to “feel real”. I have been cruising through the first phase but I now things are getting tougher each week.

As I progress through each week my training volume and intensity has started to go up gradually. Each week the sessions progress from the previous week and I start feeling some level of fatigue creeping in. The focus has started to shift towards “real” endurance, strength and some high power work. I have started to hit some progressive mechanical endurance sessions on the bike, heavy big gear work, coupled with some heavy strength-endurance tempo hill repetitions in the run. Swimming has become very challenging and requires me to stay truly focused in the sessions to make sure I execute the sessions as prescribed. It’s very challenging especially when you have to do these sessions by yourself.

Functional strength training has also progressed and more load has been introduced. The exercises have started to become more “complete” which means you have to engage your whole body to execute certain movements. The foundation and technique is set, so now it’s time to add load and some explosive power movements into your routine.

With the increase in load and volume, it’s critical to monitor the level of fatigue and make sure I don’t accumulate not too much. It’s a fine balancing act. So far all good. I am still staying on top of things.

The other big challenge is to stay on top of your nutrition. It requires good planning to make sure you have nutrition available after each session. Skipping a meal is not an option. Discipline and planning is key.

I have decided to skip a few of my early season races. I have found that they distract me too much from training and add additional stress without adding much benefit to my overall training goals.

My last race here in Australia will be next month on the 19th of March. I am really looking forward to this race and it’s going to be a first “checkpoint” for me to see where I am at with my fitness.

From March onwards I can fully focus on my training as work will take a back seat. I will have to prepare a few things for my move back to Europe. Beside from training I will start to work on a sideline project that will keep me busy for a while and fill the gap between the training. Once back in Europe, I will spend a month in Majorca. I have heard it’s a pretty neat spot for triathlon training 😉

Other than that I will enjoy my last weeks here in Perth, soak in the beautiful weather, the beach, go on a road trip and catch up with friends. Can’t believe that the time is drawing to an end here :-((

Thanks for reading.

Cheers Andy