Wrap-up of 2015

Looking back at 2015, I think I would sum it up with the following two words:
discovery and consistency 

I’ve discovered my passion and desire of what I can and want to do. It has been a great year from that perspective. When I’ve first started doing triathlons it was a fun thing, nothing I was too serious about it. I didn’t think this would be something I could become good at or would enjoy doing. Yes I was wrong. It has set me off to a new path and this path will continue the next year and the years to follow.

It was also a year of consistency without major disruptions. I was able to train throughout the year for the first time, completed all my races that I wanted to do. I didn’t suffer any injuries or setbacks that left me out of training for too long. And consistency is so important in this sport in order to achieve your goals and results that you want. I will build on that going into the new year with a great outlook. My goals are set and I am ready to tackle them.

My highlights of the last season from a racing perspective

  • Completed my first ever Half Ironman where I placed 17th in my age group
  • Qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in my home country Austria
  • Raced 3 Half Ironman races with solid results
  • 3rd place in my age group at the Karri Valley long course triathlon
  • Major improvements in all 3 disciplines

Apart from my races there were some other highlights that I am grateful for

  • Made the transition to an entirely plant based nutrition. This was huge and played a big part in my journey. I think I gonna write a separate post about that and why it was such a big thing for me
  • Not only did I discover my passion for this sport but I also found out where I want to take my life and what I really want to do
  • I discovered what is really important and matters in life which influenced a few decisions for next year
  • I have never felt healthier and fitter in my life. My overall well-being, state of mind and compassion have evolved
  • Special moments with friends and family

Looking at the year ahead of me I want to fine tune my vision and continue to make it a reality


You become what
you envision yourself