Always Bloated? Morning Routine for a Flatter Belly and Better Digestion

Always Bloated? Do this in the Morning for a Flatter Belly & Better Digestion | Joanna Soh

Do you struggle with bloating? Try this Morning Routine for a Flatter Belly and Better Digestion. While bloating can make you feel uncomfortable and unattractive, it’s actually a normal part of everyday digestion. Your body naturally produces extra gas for a variety of reasons, including the breakdown of food in your stomach and intestines, and the fermentation of food by bacteria in your intestines. However, bloating also may be a sign of a more serious digestive disorder, such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, or lactose or fructose intolerance.

Do you always complain that you’re feeling bloated and that your belly looks bigger that what it should be? You’re not alone, I’ve suffered through bloating and indigestion for many years. Through the years, I’ve learned that what I do in the morning can have a major impact on how my digestive system functions later in the day. Watch this video to learn the 5 things I practice daily in the morning for a flatter belly and healthier gut! Joanna Soh is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 10 years of experience.

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Best Morning Routine for a Flatter Belly

What Causes Bloating?

Bloating, the feeling that you are getting fat, may be the most common sign of an upset stomach. In reality, bloating is what happens when you eat foods that don’t agree with your stomach —they move into the intestines, where they cause gas. The gas expands your intestines. When the intestines fill with gas, this causes them to stretch, which pushes the walls of your abdomen outward, causing you to feel bloated.

Bloating is a common stomach problem and it can happen for a number of reasons, including eating too quickly, eating too much or eating the wrong kind of foods. But there are also times when gas, bloating and abdominal discomfort may be signs of something more serious, such as irritable bowel syndrome or an ulcer. If you’re continue to experience bloating you should see your doctor to rule out a possible underlying cause. In extreme cases, bloating can be a sign of a life-threatening condition such as intestinal blockage or a perforated bowel. If you are experiencing bloating that is recurring, however, there are some natural remedies that may help to relieve your symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Bloating

Most natural remedies for bloating focus on relieving the pain and discomfort of bloating rather than treating the underlying cause. But what causes bloating in the first place? It may be that you are drinking too much water, eating too much salt, or that you have an imbalance in your digestive system. In any event, here are some natural remedies for bloating to try if you are looking for relief.

So many people struggle with bloating, but what do you do about it? One of the first steps is to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress can cause a variety of health problems, and its physical manifestations are many. If you’re feeling stressed out, start small. Pick one thing in your life that you can control to feel less stressed, and do it.

Here are some tips and trick to avoid bloating:

  • Don’t eat immediately upon waking up
  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach
  • Take prebiotic and probiotic supplements
  • Do a mini morning Workout
  • Sip on green tea

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Healthy Gut Habits and Microbiome

You’ve probably heard of a “gut feeling” or a “gut instinct” before, but did you know that your digestive system has a mind of its own? The trillions of bacteria in your gut, also known as your microbiome, actually play a major role in influencing your mood, weight, skin condition, immune system and more. And while the science is still emerging, many experts believe that your diet has a strong impact on your gut health. So, if you’re ready to give your gut some TLC, consider adding these top gut-healthy habits to your routine, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you.

In recent years, the popularity of probiotics has skyrocketed. What were once considered health foods have now become a multi-billion dollar industry with dozens of new brands on the market.
This isn’t surprising, for fermented foods have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Before the invention of the refrigerator, people relied on natural fermentation to preserve food. In many cultures, the preparation of fermented foods was a social affair.

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